Focus School - Mt. Judea School

What is a Focus School? How was Mt. Judea School identified as a Focus School?

The criteria for identification of Focus Schools set by USDE included identifying schools that had:

  • The largest within-school gaps between the highest-achieving subgroup or subgroups and the lowest-achieving subgroup or subgroups or, at the high school level, the largest within-school gaps in the graduation rate; or
  • A subgroup or subgroups with low achievement or, at the high school level, a low graduation rate, or
  • All Title I-participating high schools with a graduation rate less than 60% over a number of years that were not identified as priority schools.

Needs Improvement Focus Schools are identified based on the size of the achievement gap rather than the performance of the All Students group. The achievement gaps between the TAGG and Non-TAGG students were calculated for all schools using three years of scores to minimize the impact of wide variations from year-to-year, which may occur in smaller schools.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of a Focus School click on this link: ADE Focus School Listing

What does this mean for the school?

Needs Improvement Focus Schools must have comprehensive plans with targeted interventions and interim measurable objectives approved by the ADE each year, with ongoing monitoring by a site-based improvement specialist or external provider. External monitoring is required if the school does not make sufficient progress after one year. If the lack of progress persists, the school may be required to implement any or all of the turnaround principles.

Needs Improvement Schools are required to undertake a deep analysis of each area of underperformance, identify evidence-based practices or interventions to serve students in any subgroup that did not meet its AMOs, and have an improvement plan that focuses on the alignment of needs, interventions, and human and financial resources. They will receive support from education cooperative staff with moderate district autonomy.