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Deer/Mt. Judea SD

Deer/Mt. Judea SD, 3 days ago

Mt. Judea students: All chrome books and materials including AMI packets and text books will be picked up on Friday. Bus drivers are leaving school at 11:00 AM Friday, May 29th and running their routes for pick ups. Please contact us if this does not work for you. Thank you!

Deer/Mt. Judea SD

Deer/Mt. Judea SD, 9 days ago

Ashlyn Davis made the top 12 for the Arkansas State FFA Talent Competition and voting is open today 5/20 until 7:00 PM! Voting is open to the public so be sure to cast your vote!

Deer/Mt. Judea SD

Deer/Mt. Judea SD, 10 days ago

Friday, May 22, from 3-6 the Deer Elementary staff will be in the parking lot for a drop-off/pick up line. The teachers will have the student's stuff packed up from their classrooms to hand them along with their report cards and other surprises. We ask that the students please bring their Chromebooks and all other school materials back to the school on this date for drop off. We have missed you and can't wait to see those smiling faces again in person even if it has to be from 6 feet away.

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