Deer/ Mt Judea School District

Digital Learning Program

Our Services

  • Each student is provided a Chromebook and enrolled in a quality online learning program.
  • Each student is supplied with materials needed to learn.
  • Students can participate in all academic and extra-curricular programs of the school district.
  • Access to all professional development hosted by the district and offer specific professional development for parents as needed.
  • Reimbursement of up to $50 a month for broadband internet access with receipts. (August-May)
  • Access to Dyslexia interventionist and diagnostic testing as needed.
  • Invitation to ACT prep classes.
  • Access to Virtual Arkansas for Advanced Placement courses.
  •  2 Paid courses per semester for juniors and seniors to attend North Arkansas College, Arkansas Tech, or other approved online courses.
  • Quarterly educational field trips.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Will be the lead educator for the student(s).
  • Provide necessary forms for enrollment.
  • Report mid-term and nine-week grades to the digital learning director.
  • Attendance for the ACT Aspire or Istation Testing.
  • Grades K-2nd I-station Testing (September, January, and April)
  • Grades 3rd-10th ACT Aspire (April)
  • 11th Grade- ACT Test (March)

For more information contact :

                                                   Celia Wortham

                                                   Phone Number: 

                                                   Email: celia.wortham@dmj.k12.ar.us.